14 12 18

November 14, snow began to fall
Red sweater, sleeves too long; black pants too short
Three holes in his worn out shoes, a large pair
of frames on his snow clad nose. Ruffled hair
He stared at the closed gates and laughed like an
idiot. She just agreed to his dinner date.

When Diana rested and Apollo
slept, the sky was dark with no stars in sight
He would polish his dad’s black leather shoes,
straighten the bow tie on his penguin suit
Midnight, his hunchback mother would ask, “who
is she? this girl you are off to see?”
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14 12 18

A Few –

the first two poems are written in iambic pentameter and are ekphrastic poems!  although the second poem is a little off nearing the end.

The River to Camelot Carries --
(on John William Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott)

Sun kissed locks weaving, ocean eyes weary
White, and gingerly, she sings a sad song,
sweet. Somber notes, to Camelot they bring
It is there that fate does not let her reach
There the red-cross Knight will hold his lily
He says she's lovely, when they do meet
Yet that Lady of Shalott, she's asleep.

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A Few –

Chekhov Imitation Piece

figured i’d go the easy way by writing all 50k in short stories 😀 they have novels with all short stories don’t they! muhahahha 😀 ok, this probably cheating, but that’s alright; this is more for fun anyway!


Shortly after dinner, Mitchell Evans suggested they go out for a walk. It was a beautiful evening for a walk. The summer heat had just past, and the cool wind blows lightly, cradling the trees in its arms. The lake before them was a still reflection of the sky above them, and the round moon that peeked early that night. Lauren Perry stood by the water, and watched the rare wrinkles in the satin blue. Her pink chiffon dress was semi-transparent, complete with ruffles and bows. In the soft moon light, she turned and looked at him with her honey-dew eyes. She clasped her hands over her mouth and whispered:

“Do you love me?”

He pointed towards the muddy trail huddled between the tall pine trees, and said:

“C’mon, let’s take that road.”

She looked down at her pointy white shoes. Then she looked up at him and obeyed.

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Chekhov Imitation Piece