A Few –

the first two poems are written in iambic pentameter and are ekphrastic poems!  although the second poem is a little off nearing the end.

The River to Camelot Carries --
(on John William Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott)

Sun kissed locks weaving, ocean eyes weary
White, and gingerly, she sings a sad song,
sweet. Somber notes, to Camelot they bring
It is there that fate does not let her reach
There the red-cross Knight will hold his lily
He says she's lovely, when they do meet
Yet that Lady of Shalott, she's asleep.

Quiet Caramel

(on a photograph by Josiah Wang)
Darn those power lines, have they broken down?
The towers they fixed just yesterday morning
against the caramel clouds, stand silent.
The blue sky sweeps in a wave of wind
The cows moo, but no one cares to listen.

The Beauty and the Witch

Ding Dong the Witch is dead! The chorus clamor
with joy. A gown made of white pearls and pink.
Gold hair, cherry lips, diamond earrings shake,
'alas, that Witch was once my friend. Long time ago.'


There! There is the raven of the night sky
The lady of the hour, spreading her wings
Dark feathers, those deep brown eyes ignite in
me this passion so irresistible
A Few –

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