The Aftermath

I want to sleep but I don’t have the courage to close my eyes
for fear of what I might see when I
open them tomorrow morning

Out the window she stood under that lamp post
with the yellow umbrella I gave her last October
and that green scarf I liked
Her hair in the wind; her brown eyes staring at the gutter
seeing her reflection from the dirt stained ground

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The Aftermath


[At a train station in a mid-size suburban town, a couple is waiting for the 2 pm train to Philadelphia. The man looks to be in his early twenties, brown eyes and short black hair, about six feet or so. He is wearing a maroon knit scarf, and a black overcoat. He is carrying a small suitcase. The woman also looks to be in her early twenties, blue eyes, and short blonde hair with brown highlights. She is wearing a loose gray turtleneck that reaches just above her knees, and a pair of light brown fur boots.]
Jim: Babe, are you cold? Come here, you are shivering.
Kate: I’m fine.
[Jim pulls her closer, wrapping his arm around her.]
Jim: There, isn’t that better? Didn’t I tell you to wear a coat? I’m only leaving for two days, what are we going to do with you when I have to leave for a month or two?

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