after writing this i started to have doubts about how to spell catch, and had to google it. i am crazy!

anyway, this is just an attempt at trying something different. i guess it would be more faulkner inspired than anything? but i wouldn’t call it an imitation.

one great thing about literature is that you can interpret it in so many ways. writers tend to have an interpretion in mind, but i think it’s nice to get different perspectives and translations on one piece of writing. so i won’t suggest ways to take this in, but i do have one in mind 🙂 (i just called myself a writer and my stuff literature… shameless!)


i’ll catch you

catch me? catch? CATCH. c a t c h. c a t c h. c a t h. cath. cath me if if i fall. FALL. f a l l. fall. catch me if i fall, if i fell.
who? who will catch me? who? you? you? or you? will you catch me if i fall? or will you let me fall? fall. f a l l.

c’mon i’ll catch you!

i fear. fear. what do i fear? fear. f e a r. death.
who will catch me? i am heavy. this is a two flight building. im heavy. heavy. and i fall. fall. f a l l. like a fat goose. goose.
cath? catch? i fear. i simply fear.
see? see? a bird knows how to fly. she does not know how to fall. no one catches a bird. you shoot them to bring them down.
should i dare to fall? would i let myself fall? can i fall? fall. dare.
i am a fat goose. who will catch me if i fall?
fall. will you? you? or you?
who will catch me if i fall?
falling. falling. falling.
the sky ia bright and blue like a gemstone.
He will catch me if i fall.


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