it was strange writing from a girl’s perspective instead of a guy’s. i think i will stick with being a guy in stories from now on (unless if i’m the omnipresent narrator!). WEIRD. i won’t go into details about the inspiration, but it came from a song (which i don’t know the name of) that i heard yesterday at coffeehouse.  recently found out it’s called “Tragic Flaw” by Sarah Lizotte. (hope she doesn’t mind me putting her name here! yikes!)

To My Flaw,

You look tired. Your eyes half closed. You know what I mean. When your eyelashes are this long (I’m incredibly jealous of them, but you know that already), I guess you can deal with shorter eyelids.

Sleeping. You are sleeping. In my moon chair. The off-white (not dirty, just the normal color) cushion is slipping off but you don’t notice. You are beginning to snore. Lightly at first, and then it gets louder, but then like a dash of salt, it disappears.

You are wearing your blue (azure really) hoodie. You like that one, I know. But I don’t like it when you don’t share it with me because I like it too.

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Set to Normal

Recently in a discussion about what normal is, a classmate mentioned that her father used to say “normal is only a setting on the laundry machine.” i thought that was super clever.


Set it to Normal for thirty minutes. Normal, for thirty minutes. Normal. Thirty minutes.


It tumbles in front of me. Tumbles and turns, and all the colors mix and melt into each other. The pinks, the blues, the shreds of yellow and green, orange too. The colors tangle and mingle, dancing, salsa in the salad bowl, parading on the floats through the crowded streets. Ah, the colors. Colors? Oh no!

Didn’t their mama tell them that colors aren’t supposed to go together?

Hey. Look. Are you going to stand there all day? I got another load I can use the machine for.

What did mama say again? Set to Normal, and how long? How long? Argh! I can’t remember. How long?

Hey kid. Look. If you want to play some stupid game, go play elsewhere. I got stuff to do here, now get!

The fat lady is looking at me and saying something. Her mouth is opening and closing, opening and closing. She seems angry. Her eyes are blue, big and round, so is her face. Not blue. Her face is not blue, but a bit burnt brown. I guess she goes to the beach a lot.

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Set to Normal