the last time for the last time

there’s an end to everything good and there’s a start for everything bad. as you wait for the red light and watch the SUVs, minivans and the occasional yellow Ferrari zoom pass, you pray they would stop so you can cross the street even though its green, and get to class because you snoozed your alarm one too many times. and as you drag your slightly wet shoes — it was raining yesterday and your shoes have been sitting near your door faraway from the window where there is ventilation, and they did not get dry in time. you climb those marble green specked stairs whirling through the doors for the last time.

for the last time you anticipate some teacher-bought munchkins but disappointed again so you wish you had that breakfast earlier. and as you sit in class listening to some last minute discussion of George Saunders and Brave New World. Randy or Jon and two mothers. and the day drags on but it will be the last time for the last time.

unless of course you come back. 🙂

the last time for the last time

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