I can see myself. I am alone. Alone in a room of people. WHERE are they going?

It’s a bit hazy. I feel kind of dizzy. Sipping my drink.

Alas, I am still alone.

What was that?

I am SO alone.


I look up.

I want you to meet someone.

I feel a tug on my arm. It was GENTLE but full of STRENGTH, DISTANT but still so CLOSE.

The grass is green. Dark olive summery green. There are trees. Lots of trees, covering the sky with their leaves. The sky is blue. So blue. So EVERLASTINGLY blue. I don’t see anyone around.

You see Him?


Look harder.

I don’t see him. There’s no one but me. I am all alone.

You are never alone. He’s always around.


Open your eyes.



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