She’s a stupid one. That Alice girl. Still waiting for her husband. Look at that damn shack of a house he left her in. No running water. Holes in the wall. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer. Stupid fan puttering in the corner, brushing up dust balls left and right, making me cough. Ain’t left her no money to fix up the place either. What’s a girl like her gonna do? Waiting for him, saying foolish things like he ain’t divorced her yet. Well I’ll be damned if he even knows what a divorce is. They weren’t even legally married. Liz didn’t care. As long as he took Alice off her hands, Liz could care less. What a mother that woman was!


Yeah well. Gone off to war. That’s what Marty said to her. Stupid girl. Believes everything he tells her. What war? I’ll be damned if he has anything to do with the war. He can’t even point out where Nebraska is on a map, doubt he knows where the war is. ‘sides, he’s a darn coward, that Marty. Was too chicken to work in the grind house. He ain’t got balls to fight in no war. He just darn right left her and he ain’t even got the manners to make a better excuse.

That stupid girl. Stupid stupid girl.¬†Better off married a cow. At least a cow’s got a four good working legs and no complaints.

“Mama, mama!”

“Didn’t I teach you manners?”

“Miss Alice, she’s got visitors. A lot of visitors.”

“Now didn’t I tell you not to be nosing in other people’s business?”

“It’s bad news mama,” he said, “it’s the Mister — he’s dead.”