Wishes (33 words)

Wish for heartbreaks to heal,
for problems and bothers to cease and end,
for peace from land to land.
But wishes are wishes and wishes do
nothing but wishful thinking,
make you blue.

Wishes (33 words)

9 thoughts on “Wishes (33 words)

  1. karen says:

    Oh ya! You really got to the heart of the issue with wishing rather than living. Hmmmm … I might have to rethink my approach …

  2. On a re-read, I’m not sure what I said was your message but I made it upbeat to fit my optimistic attitude. Anyway, nice job and, obviously, thought provoking.

  3. always had the opinion, that if u wish hard enough, and long enough and be patient and really do believe that they’ll come true one day…..they certainly will….

    they always have for me……

  4. E says:

    thank you, i suppose it can be read both ways. i’m glad you chose to be optimistic though 🙂 we all need a little optimism in our lives.

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