You launch at me, out of the plastic where you planned your ambuscade.

You land on your abdomen, waving your rat-tail whiskers and kill-a-pods in the air. I shudder at the thought of where you might strike next.

Oh look at the sinister in your beady eyes, cold marble polished black. You are drunken red, foaming strings of bubbles out of your hare lipped mouth. Are you too angry to speak?

I extend two hesitant fingers – one thumb and one index- and gingerly, oh so very cautiously, pull on your exoskeleton. You creep a little away from me; your smallish feet tap the floor in unison. Is that your game plan? It isn’t very good, you know.

The water in my cauldron is boiling and ready. I scoop your up and toss you in, letting the grumbling water devour you. Your funny little pokers scratch the inside.

Oh, how delicious you will be with some melted butter!



30 thoughts on “Sinister

  1. Gina says:

    Exoskeleton + probes + butter! Thanks for keeping the yummy suspense going. For a while I thought we were having bunny! Fun!

  2. Yikes.. I didn’t see that coming. Ambuscade – I love that. And kill-a-pods. I’m in the minority, I’m sure, in that I don’t care for lobster. But that matters not in your creative take on the prompt. 🙂

  3. E says:

    There’s a funny story about that. Chilepods are the claws of a lobster and they just happen to be pronounced as kill-a-pods. How apt huh!

  4. Mmm…butter makes everything better.

    I didn’t expect that ending. At first I thought it was a rat your described, but the exoskeleton nixed that idea. Lobsters are kind of creepy, in an intriguing sort of way. I could never cook one, though!

  5. E says:

    yes when you look at something too closely it starts to look weird. just like when you say a word too many times it starts to sound funny.

  6. E says:

    oh dear, your comment was somehow categorized as spam by wordpress so i didn’t see it till now! thanks for the compliment 🙂

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