Did you think,
you were worming your way into
my heart?
Did I surprise,
Worm out,
the soggy bits till you hit the rotten core –
ah, you found my dirty little secret.



i write because it’s the only thing — besides chocolate — that i have not gotten sick of yet.

so i dive into the sea of words and playthings,

blue, blue, blue, bubbling.



The Aftermath

I want to sleep but I don’t have the courage to close my eyes
for fear of what I might see when I
open them tomorrow morning

Out the window she stood under that lamp post
with the yellow umbrella I gave her last October
and that green scarf I liked
Her hair in the wind; her brown eyes staring at the gutter
seeing her reflection from the dirt stained ground

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The Aftermath

14 12 18

November 14, snow began to fall
Red sweater, sleeves too long; black pants too short
Three holes in his worn out shoes, a large pair
of frames on his snow clad nose. Ruffled hair
He stared at the closed gates and laughed like an
idiot. She just agreed to his dinner date.

When Diana rested and Apollo
slept, the sky was dark with no stars in sight
He would polish his dad’s black leather shoes,
straighten the bow tie on his penguin suit
Midnight, his hunchback mother would ask, “who
is she? this girl you are off to see?”
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14 12 18