Timmy and the Magical Watermelon

did this during midterm week, so please forgive the choppy language and unimaginative use of words =\ ah, first attempt at a kid’s story! oh well 🙂


One warm sunny day Timmy snuck out of the house a little past noon when Mom was taking a nap. He was walking by the beach, thinking about how sad it would be now that summer is ending and the watermelon season is over, when he noticed something far away. He tip-toed over for a closer look and saw a big purple ball with long purple arms that had suction cups on the bottom. Timmy decided that this was a monster.

“Oh! Hello! You startled me!” The monster yawned.

This startled Timmy. He didn’t know monsters could talk. In his story books they always roared or growled as loud as they wanted and nobody ever knew what they meant.

“You look surprised,” the monster observed, “have you never seen a talking octopus before?”

“No,” Timmy mustered a single reply. Oh, he thought, this is an octopus. I guess he’s not a monster after all.

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Timmy and the Magical Watermelon