Trapped, in what seemed like eternity.

Wings of brilliant blue, royal plum, shimmering feathers, extending, as she glossed over, kissing every curve and turn, every nook and trap.

Doors opened and closed, but a prolonged gestation – a pregnant pause of indecision and she missed the opportunity. Her claws of faded orange could not find the place to push.

She was afraid, I think – of what the world was like.

She has been stuck, blind in this empty hollow place. Neither here nor there for too long; the cold wind didn’t even hurt anymore.

She has gotten used to the yellowing light on the ceiling as her sun. The buzzing of moths as her only companions. She has long forgotten if the sky is supposed to be this concrete blue, or is this even blue at all?

So no matter how she flapped or how she jumped or how she shot up so high, She could not soar.

The crashing of rocks hit the bottom of her stomach, and she could almost taste it.



after writing this i started to have doubts about how to spell catch, and had to google it. i am crazy!

anyway, this is just an attempt at trying something different. i guess it would be more faulkner inspired than anything? but i wouldn’t call it an imitation.

one great thing about literature is that you can interpret it in so many ways. writers tend to have an interpretion in mind, but i think it’s nice to get different perspectives and translations on one piece of writing. so i won’t suggest ways to take this in, but i do have one in mind 🙂 (i just called myself a writer and my stuff literature… shameless!)


i’ll catch you

catch me? catch? CATCH. c a t c h. c a t c h. c a t h. cath. cath me if if i fall. FALL. f a l l. fall. catch me if i fall, if i fell.
who? who will catch me? who? you? you? or you? will you catch me if i fall? or will you let me fall? fall. f a l l.

c’mon i’ll catch you!

i fear. fear. what do i fear? fear. f e a r. death.
who will catch me? i am heavy. this is a two flight building. im heavy. heavy. and i fall. fall. f a l l. like a fat goose. goose.
cath? catch? i fear. i simply fear.
see? see? a bird knows how to fly. she does not know how to fall. no one catches a bird. you shoot them to bring them down.
should i dare to fall? would i let myself fall? can i fall? fall. dare.
i am a fat goose. who will catch me if i fall?
fall. will you? you? or you?
who will catch me if i fall?
falling. falling. falling.
the sky ia bright and blue like a gemstone.
He will catch me if i fall.