Koi No Yokan

That’s when I saw him. I didn’t know who he was, where was he from and where was he going. His face was marked by this short stubby nose and a half crooked smile — there had got to be no charm whatsoever there. He was definitely far from what I considered to be handsome. I mean after all those Korean dramas I watched, I kind of expected my ‘love at first sight’ moment to be a little more grandiose — not that I had anticipated a tall handsome rich guy to fall head over heels for me (not that I would complain) but this was truly a little lacking. And yet here I am feeling some sort of weird attraction.

Koi no yokan. I read it about this morning on an article mom printed out about words that do not exist in the English language; it means a feeling that we will soon fall in love.

Heck, I didn’t even know if he was single, let alone fall in love, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that this is it even despite all my internal complaints.

So there I stood, in my fuchsia coat, awkwardly holding my left arm with my right, in a room of people in black sweaters and navy blue blazers. Dreadful colors.

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Koi No Yokan


it was strange writing from a girl’s perspective instead of a guy’s. i think i will stick with being a guy in stories from now on (unless if i’m the omnipresent narrator!). WEIRD. i won’t go into details about the inspiration, but it came from a song (which i don’t know the name of) that i heard yesterday at coffeehouse.  recently found out it’s called “Tragic Flaw” by Sarah Lizotte. (hope she doesn’t mind me putting her name here! yikes!)

To My Flaw,

You look tired. Your eyes half closed. You know what I mean. When your eyelashes are this long (I’m incredibly jealous of them, but you know that already), I guess you can deal with shorter eyelids.

Sleeping. You are sleeping. In my moon chair. The off-white (not dirty, just the normal color) cushion is slipping off but you don’t notice. You are beginning to snore. Lightly at first, and then it gets louder, but then like a dash of salt, it disappears.

You are wearing your blue (azure really) hoodie. You like that one, I know. But I don’t like it when you don’t share it with me because I like it too.

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have been chewing on this one for a week or so actually, but only started writing today, after i rolled around in my bed for a good two hours =\ i thought of this scene when i was listening to enrique iglesias (wow i didn’t spell his name wrong! woot woot! bonus pts for me :D). can you guess which song?

also, i have been super jealous lately, of all those great writers (i.e. chekhov, joyce, faulkner – in that order). man oh man, it’s amazing how some people are just so naturally good at writing! i am so amazed, and admire them even more now. shakespeare no more! i think i have moved on from high school literature (and obsession over shksp.) FINALLY. time for some russian goodness (and irish and southern)!


Her eyes had that inquisitive look again. They were dark and silent, quietly purring to me, blowing sweet breaths into my ears, wondering if I had been paying attention all along.

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The Aftermath

I want to sleep but I don’t have the courage to close my eyes
for fear of what I might see when I
open them tomorrow morning

Out the window she stood under that lamp post
with the yellow umbrella I gave her last October
and that green scarf I liked
Her hair in the wind; her brown eyes staring at the gutter
seeing her reflection from the dirt stained ground

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The Aftermath